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Do you need an extra room in your family home? Perhaps you need additional office space for an expanding business, temporary accommodation or storage space?

Portable Cabins From Just Cabins - Just Perfect

Just Cabins portable cabins will solve all your space needs. The cabins are small portable rooms, completely outfitted, perfect for a sleepout, office, or just for extra room. And Just Cabins is a nationwide franchise operation, with portable cabins available throughout New Zealand.

With portable rooms in three different sizes, Just Cabins fully portable cabins provide a light and airy comfortable extra space - just add furniture. The modern design with contemporary carpets and curtains offers the perfect solution for an extra bedroom, sleepout, office, hobby space, studio or storage area.

Just Cabins are convenient and affordable, and our portable rental cabins are used for a variety of purposes including:

It's quick and easy to add an extra room or two to your home, or to create the extra work or storage space you need. Just Cabins has portable cabins for rent New Zealand-wide.

Quality fixtures and fittings are used throughout, and our portable cabins feature everything a modern home offers. Just Cabins have a tailor-made solution for anyone who needs extra space, short or long-term.

A portable cabin from Just Cabins is an ideal substitute for a caravan. When stabilised on site during delivery they do not move around. Perfect as an extra room for short or long term.

Just Cabins' expert cabin rental team offer advice, installation and removal - all you have to do is make the call or apply online.