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Auckland Portable Cabins Rental Service

Overcrowded accommodation problems can be quickly alleviated if you rent a portable cabin from Just Cabins in Auckland. Our cabins are simple, single, portable rooms, so are easily delivered to you. And they can be adapted to customers requirements, for use as a sleepout, office, extra room or storage.

Our portable cabin range has two sizes for your to choose from. We've made them comfortable to live in so have included features such as power,security lights, smoke alarm, security stays on the window, insulation, painted interior, carpets and curtains.

Just Cabins portable cabins have been strongly constructed with quality products, so they are weather tight and sound. All cabins come on their own permanent trailer, so delivery is quick and easy. They are set up off the ground, so you don't have to worry about any damp.

They are ready to be moved into immediately after delivery. So Just Cabins in Auckland have the cost effective answer when you require extra temporary accommodation.

Testimonials from satisfied Just Cabins clients
"Just a note of appreciation for your efforts in delivering and removing the cabin.
Firstly, we were very impressed with the immaculate condition of the cabin and its suitability as a sleep out / office.
You tackled our very difficult site with complete enthusiasm and spent a great deal of your time to locate the cabin correctly.
A big thank you and we have no hesitation in recommending Just Cabins to others."

Peter and Chika Lindsay-Simth

About Portable Cabins

A portable cabin, is generally a small, simple, one room building designed and built to be movable, rather than permanently located. Portable buildings (e.g. yurts) have been used since prehistoric times. Cabins are considered to be a small rough house or shelter, with basic living utilities, often constructed from logs. The most familiar modern type of portable cabins are designed to be impermanent, and are carried to or from site on a trailer, and can be manoeuvred into position.

About Auckland

Auckland is New Zealand's largest city with a population of about 1.4 million people, and is the main centre of commerce and industry, with most major international corporations represented in the city. However it is not the capital of New Zealand. It is perhaps the most vibrant, bustling and multicultural city in New Zealand and has the largest Polynesian population of any city in the world. This cultural influence is reflected in many different aspects of city life.The city is situated on a narrow isthmus between two harbours and lies on an old volcanic field. The landscape features volcanic hills, many of which are now popular parks and reserves. With harbours all around the city, the water views of bays, beaches and islands are magnificent. Auckland is known as the 'City of Sails' as hundreds of yachts and boats usually fill the harbour.