Renting a Sleepout or extra bedroom is becoming very popular these days. The rising cost of living and deteriorating affordability of housing (especially for first home buyers) means this trend is likely to continue for the foreseeable future. However, Just Cabins have a tailor-made solution to alleviate this problem. Just Cabins supply portable sleep outs, currently available in three convenient sizes, for short or long-term hire. The benefits of hiring a sleep-out from Just Cabins are numerous and include:

  • Just Cabins is a nationwide franchise. Therefore, wherever you live in NZ, there will be a locally owned & operated Just Cabins franchise near you.
  • Just Cabin sleepouts come in three different sizes to meet your space requirements. Therefore whether you want an extra room for your teenager, or a more spacious room as a longer term solution to meet increasing housing requirements, we can accommodate your needs.
  • Our standard & large Sleepouts are both less than the 10 square metre threshold set by the Dept. of Building & Housing, so you can be in your new sleepout in a very short space of time.
  • There is no Capital commitment required. Clearly, a prime benefit of renting your sleepout from Just Cabins, is that you don't need a lot of money to get an extra bedroom at your place. The cost of building or moving to a bigger home is prohibitive for many and also very time consuming.
  • Rent your sleep out for as long as you require1, and when you no longer have a use for it, just give us a call at 0800 JUSTCABINS (0800 58 78 22) and we will come & pick it up and tow it away.
  • We offer quick delivery times. As we normally have a portable sleepout built ready & waiting for your call, we can often deliver and install your sleepout in a matter of days.
  • Just Cabins sleepouts are fully powered and come with an electrical warrant of fitness and multiple power points to make living in your new bedroom relaxing and comfortable. Furthermore, we also supply you with the cable to connect the sleepout to your house. Then it just needs to be plugged it in to a normal 3 pin socket.
  • For your Protection, additional safety features in our sleepouts include: an inter nal electricity fuse board; outdoor security lights; a smoke alarm; and security stays on the window. With all these features, not only can you sleep easy at night, but you can also ventilate your sleepout even when you're not there with peace of mind.
  • Relocatable. Being a portable sleepout we can relocate your sleepout if required, for example if you move house.
  • Our Sleepouts are trailerised - this allows easy maneuverability, so we can position your sleepout exactly where you want it. Unless there is a concrete fence blocking our way, we can deliver without the need for a hi-ab truck or crane, allowing us to deliver where others cannot.
  • Sleepouts from Just Cabins are fully insulated, so they are much warmer than a caravan. We use Pink Batts in the ceiling & walls and insulating foil under the floor. Furthermore, as our sleepouts are above the ground, which allows for airflow, they are much dryer and don't suffer from damp or mould problems associated with sleepouts which do sit on the ground.
  • Superior quality. Just Cabins produce solidly built sleepouts so you know they are safe and secure. Even during the recent Canterbury Earthquakes, our sleepouts withstood the test of nature, and as a result are in even more demand now both in Christchurch and throughout NZ as people relocate to live with family and loved ones in other cities and towns.
  • Fantastic features. All our sleepouts come with a painted interior, giving you that homely feeling. Furthermore, our sleepouts also come with quality carpet & curtains to keep you cosy & warm. So you won't be left out in the cold when you rent your Sleepout from Just Cabins.

1Subject to a minimum lease term


As mentioned previously, Just Cabins sleep outs come in 2 convenient sizes for you to choose from. And below are just a few of the possible sleep out floor plans or layouts you may wish to use.

Standard size Sleep out plans

Large size Sleep out plans

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