Need more room? Rent a Just Cabin!

Whether you’re in need of extra room at home, creating a new home office or want more space for your business, Just Cabins are just the solution. 

Built solid from superior quality materials, every portable rental cabin is fully insulated and elevated, with high-quality carpet and curtains to provide an attractive and welcoming space.

Our cabins for rent are built on wheels, which means they are easy to deliver, and once set-up by our installers, every relocable cabin is ready for you, your family or your business to move in.

The best part? Our cabins are readily available to rent around the country and can be delivered to your door in no time. Whether it's to be used as a sleepout, spare room, office, storage or temporary accommodation, we have the right cabin for hire to meet your needs.

Just Cabins makes it easy.

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