"I just wanted to say a sincere thanks to all you have done to adjust the cabin to suit my elderly father in law. Outstanding customer service, thank you. He arrives today and I am sure he will be most comfortable. Many Thanks."
- Debi Rush

"I absolutely love my cabin!!! I’ve been living in my parents caravan for the past 3 years and couldn’t believe the difference. The cabin is easy to heat and stays nice and warm. Having the extra space is great. My parents also agree as there are no more big power bills."
- Glen Scott

“Our Just Cabin is fantastic. It’s well made, freshly painted and carpeted and a great room for the kids. There is generous space for their bunk bed and a play area. We currently live in a small cottage and the Cabin was manouvered exactly where we wanted it, offering a perfect solution to the extra space we need.”
- Lee Hale

"Hi Tom, just to let you know that the cabin is beautiful and our guest has settled in well. I am so pleased that we didnt hire a caravan instead. I assure you that we will look after the cabin and it will be returned to you in the same condition as and when."
- Lynne E

"We're really delighted with the cabin. We are very happy and are finding it much warmer than the house. Visitors have been impressed with it! Thank you."
- Shannon resident

"The cabin has been a great economic option for our living situation. Having for the children as an extra bedroom has meant we can stay where we are without having to upsize our home. "
- Tess Gamble

Kesi is the National Coach of Taekwondo in New Zealand and he often has his young up and coming athletes stay while they go through an intensive training programme.

“Our Just Cabins cabin is perfect for our situation, as it gives the boys and my family space and independence when the boys are staying for up to 6 months at a time. The boys find it is perfect to chill out in. They can strum the guitars, work on the computer and just have some time out with their friends without feeling like they are disturbing the rest of the family.

Simon takes a lot of pride in “his castle” and he has made it his home away from home. He is finding it roomy, warm and surprisingly quiet when it rains! As we often have visitors stay, we would love to have had a cabin ages ago.

We are rapt with our Just Cabins cabin.”
- Kesi O'Neill

"Great product really well made, weatherproof and well insulated. The large one takes two sets of bunks and the other 3 are used as 1 double, 1 twin, and 1 triple. We have not regretted getting them as they are appealing to look at and good value for money our customers love them. When they were delivered we were very happy with the high standard of service and attention to detail in setting them up. We would highly recommend Just Cabins to anyone needing a spare room."
- Turtle Cove Accommodation, Whitianga

"Having a cabin from Just Cabins has been great. I run a home-based business, and the cabin is a good size for my home office with plenty of storage space. I had previously been working from the living room, so my wife enjoys having the living space again and I enjoy having a dedicated office."
- Richard McCurran

"When I needed urgent office space to work from home your mobile cabin was just the perfect solution. Easy to site, power connected, and plenty of room with no council permits and issues to worry about the cabin was so easy to set up. Problem solved in one day and when no longer needed it was just as easy to remove. Thanks for solving an accommodation problem."
- Warren Keenan