12 Tips To Save Space

Author: Grant Allan
Date Published: 02/09/2021

It seems like you never have enough space. And a lot of the advice out there isn’t practical for Kiwi homes. Let’s face it, most of us aren’t likely to go out and buy a Murphy bed to fold our sleeping quarters into the wall during the day!

We’ve scoured around and come up with some useful ideas to make the most of your space.

Here are 12 practical space-saving tips that put your walls to work.

1. Shelves and wall cabinets are an obvious way to use your wall space. But often overlooked is the space beneath the shelves! Try mounting magnetic knife racks on the underside of bottom shelf. Jar lids will stick to them, giving you storage in the space below your shelf! In the kitchen they could hold dry pantry items like beans and rice. Try it in the garage for holding nails and screws or storing craft items.

2. Hang attractive storage baskets on wall hooks. Get your baskets off the floor and onto the wall. A nice coat rack makes it easy.

3. Running out of space for your plants? Try some wall-mounted planters like these from fluxboutique.co.nz .

4. Install a rail in the kitchen for pots, pans and lids. Say goodbye to rummaging in the cupboard and taking everything out to get to what you need and put that cupboard space to better use.

5. In a small kitchen, dish racks can take up a lot of space. You can get wall-mounted dish racks to free up your countertop.

6. Pegboards give you space to store many items, from the kitchen to the bathroom. A magnetic one can stick to the side of the fridge and provide a place to hang utensils or put small shelves for spices.

7. Attach crates to the walls for shelving with storage. Great for entryways, kids’ rooms, offices – anywhere!

8. Install a bar in your ceiling above a window for an instant place to hang plants or clothes that aren’t quite dry.

9. Use the space above your toilet. Shops that sell home goods will have units that go around your toilet with either open shelving or closed cabinets.

10. Mount your storage furniture or shelving units on the walls for extra space underneath.

11. Make more room on your bedside table by removing the lamp and putting in a wall light instead, or use a clip on light and clip it to your headboard.

12. Got a pallet lying around? Use it to store garden tools, brooms etc in the garage.

Wait, there’s one more – hold a garage sale!

For more where these ideas came from, check out these sites: