North Canterbury - Hanmer & Kaikoura

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Franchisee Details

BRANCH: North Canterbury - Hanmer & Kaikoura

CONTACT: Alex Maurenbrecher

DISPLAY CABIN: 90 Carters Road, Amberley

PHONE: 0800 58 78 22

MOBILE: 021 127 7227

A legally binding lease agreement for a minimum period of 3 months must be entered into for every hire.

All COMMERCIAL lease prices are plus GST.

No BOND required



Rates from $70.00

Delivery, Installation & Collection: $350.00
Bond: $0.00

Weekly Rate:

Minimum 6 months: $70.00

Minimum 3 months: $90.00

A Standard size cabin at 3.6m X 2.4m has been designed as an outside room to rent for extra space. Use as a bedroom or sleepout, or an office at home.

floorplan1_1 horizontal standard


Rates from $90.00

Delivery, Installation & Collection: $350.00
Bond: $0.00

Weekly Rate:

Minimum 6 months: $90.00

Minimum 3 months: $110.00

A Large Cabin at 4.2m x 2.4m is large enough for a queen bed. This outside room is an affordable option when you need a lot of extra living space.

floorplan2_1 horizontal large


Rates from $110.00

Delivery, Installation & Collection: $350.00
Bond: $0.00

Weekly Rate:

Minimum 6 months: $110.00

Minimum 3 months: $130.00

The Extra Large Cabin at 4.8m x 2.4m is a spacious outside room. Ideal as worker accommodation, a large bedroom, or office space big enough for 3 staff.

floorplan3_1 horizontal extra large


Just Cabins in Hanmer Springs and Kaikoura in North Canterbury make it easy for you to rent a portable cabin, when you need more space in a hurry. Our portable cabins  provide an immediate extra room where it's needed, at home or business.

The cabins are single, portable rooms that can be used as accommodation, sleepouts or a portable office, and we have cabins for rent available immediately.

Standard features with all our cabins include-power, security lights, smoke alarm, security stays on the window, insulation, painted interior, with carpets and optional curtains. Cabins are available in three sizes, and don't require council approvals or consents to be installed.

Cabins are built to code, are strong and sturdy, and do not require maintenance. They are built on a  trailer, so they can be quickly hitched up, delivered, and positioned where you want. Being raised off the ground means you don't have problems with any damp or cold.

Once delivered, you can plug in the power and move into them immediately. So for whatever reason you need an extra room, renting a portable cabin from Just Cabins in North Canterbury can be the solution. You can use our handy online tool to plan the layout of your cabin from Just Cabins now! 


site cabin  portable cabin ready for occupancy

About Portable Cabins

A portable cabin, is generally a small, simple, one room building that is designed to be easily moved, rather than permanently located. Portable cabins are extremely versatile, they may be used for long-term, temporary or permanent facilities. Cabins are competitively priced because they are usually constructed in a factory. Cabins are considered to be a small basic house or shelter, with simple living utilities, often constructed from logs. The most familiar modern type of portable cabins are designed to be impermanent, and are transported to or from site on a trailer, and are easily positioned on site.

About North Canterbury, Hanmer and Kaikoura

North Canterbury, comprising the Waimakariri and Hurunui districts, has a population base of more than 50,000 with 25% residing in the Hurunui District. The region boasts strong agricultural and horticultural secotrs based on some 800,000 ha of productive land. There are over 8,000 businesses which, in the main, employ fewer than five people.

Significant residential development in the north of the region is driven by recreation needs.

Main attractions include the Hanmer Springs Theraml Reserve, the picturesque Hanmer Springs and the expanding Waipara Valley with its many award-winning wineries, olive groves and lavender farms. These areas in North Canterbury, along with Kaikoura have been connected through the formation of the Alpine Pacific Triangle which links the Hanmer Springs Thermal Reserve, the Waipara Wine Valley and Kaikoura.

The beaches, rivers and their lower reaches are extremely popular fishing destinations, along with surfing, sailing, kayaking, rowing and swimming.

Kaikoura is popular tourist destination, mainly for whale watching and swimming with or near dolphins. There is also a large and readily observed colony of southern fur seals at the eastern edge of the town. At low tide, better viewing of the seals can be had as the ocean gives way to a rocky base which is easily navigable by foot for quite some distance.

It is also one of the best reasonably accessible places in the world to see open ocean seabirds such as albatrosses, petrels and shearwaters

The town has a beautiful setting, as the seaward Kaikoura mountains, a branch of the, come nearly to the sea at this point on the coast. Because of this, there are many walking tracks up and through the mountains. A common one for tourists is the Mt. Fyffe track, which winds up Mt. Fyffe, and gives a panoramic view of the Kaikoura peninsula from the summit.