Tasman - Takaka/Golden Bay

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BRANCH: Tasman - Takaka/Golden Bay

CONTACT: Steve & Margot Langford

DISPLAY CABIN: Bay Landscapes, 135 Gladstone Road, Richmond 7020

PHONE: 0800 58 78 22

MOBILE: 027 747 8973

A legally binding lease agreement must be entered into for every hire.

All commercial lease prices are plus GST.



Rates from $75.00

Delivery, Installation & Collection: $300.00
Bond: $150.00

Weekly Rate:

Minimum 6 months: $75.00

A Standard size cabin at 3.6m X 2.4m has been designed as an outside room to rent for extra space. Use as a bedroom or sleepout, or an office at home.

floorplan1_1 horizontal standard


Rates from $95.00

Delivery, Installation & Collection: $300.00
Bond: $150.00

Weekly Rate:

Minimum 6 months: $95.00

A Large Cabin at 4.2m x 2.4m is large enough for a queen bed. This outside room is an affordable option when you need a lot of extra living space.

floorplan2_1 horizontal large


Rates from $110.00

Delivery, Installation & Collection: $300.00
Bond: $150.00

Weekly Rate:

Minimum 12 months: $110.00

The Extra Large Cabin at 4.8m x 2.4m is a spacious outside room. Ideal as worker accommodation, a large bedroom, or office space big enough for 3 staff.

floorplan3_1 horizontal extra large


Just Cabins in Takaka, Golden Bay region of Tasman have the answer for when your living pace is cramped and you need your own space. Our portable cabins are single, portable rooms that can be used as sleepouts or a portable office, and are available to rent immediately.

We provide standard features with all our cabins-power, security lights, smoke alarm, security stays on the window, insulation, painted interior, with carpets and curtains. Cabins are available in three sizes, so are comfortable and spacious.

The smallest cabin size is 2.4 x 3.6m and the largest is 2.4 x 4.8m. Even the smallest size cabin can accommodate a queen size bed, or 2 single beds and a dresser. Or if you require office space, there's plenty of room for 2 desks and office furniture.

And we've built strong, sturdy cabins, that do not require maintenance. They come with their own trailer, so we can get them to you quickly and position them where you want. Being raised off the ground means you don't have problems with dampness and cold.

Once delivered, you can plug in the power and move into them immediately. So for whatever reason you need an extra room, renting a portable cabin from Just Cabins in Tasman can be the solution.

Use this handy online tool to plan the layout of your cabin, and get in touch with us for more information and/or a quote. 

About Portable Cabins

A portable cabin, is generally a small, simple, one room building that is designed to be easily moved, rather than permanently located. Portable cabins are extremely versatile, they may be used for long-term, temporary or permanent facilities. Cabins are competitively priced because they are usually constructed in a factory. Cabins are considered to be a small basic house or shelter, with simple living utilities, often constructed from logs. The most familiar modern type of portable cabins are designed to be impermanent, and are transported to or from site on a trailer, and are easily positioned on site.

About Tasman

The Tasman District borders the West Coast Region, Marlborough Region and Nelson City. It is a unitary authority administered by the Tasman District Council, which sits at Richmond, with Community Boards serving outlying communities in Motueka and Golden Bay.

Tasman District is a large area at the western corner of the north end of the South Island of New Zealand. It covers 9,786 square kilometres and is bound on the west by the Matiri Ranges, Tasman Mountains and the Tasman Sea. To the north Tasman and Golden Bays form the seaward edge, and the eastern boundary extends to the edge of Nelson city, and includes part pf the Spencer Mountains andthe Saint Arnaud and Richmond Ranges. The Victoria Ranges from Tasman's southern boundary and the district's highest point is Mount Franklin, at 2,340 metres. 

The landscape is diverse, from large mountainous areas to balleys and plains, and is sliced by major rivers as the Buller River, Motueka, Aorere, Takaka and Wairoa River.  The limestone-rich area around Mount Owen and  Mount Arthur is notable for its extensive cave networks, amoung them New Zealand's deepest caves at Ellis Basin and Nettlebed.  There is abundant bush and bird life, golden sand beaches, the unique 40-kilometre sands of Farewell Spit, and good fishing in the bays and rivers.  These assets make the Tasman district a popular destination for tourists.

Tasman is home to three national parks: Abel Tasman National Park (New Zealand's smallest at 225.41 km2, Nelson Lakes National Park (1,017.53 km2) and Kahurangi National Park (4,520 km2).

The Maruia Falls, 8 kilometres southwest of Murchison were created by the 1929 Murchison earthquake when a slip blocked the original channel.