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Portable Cabins For Rent Available Now

Franchisee Details

BRANCH: Upper Hutt

CONTACT: Phil & Dianne Sutherland

DISPLAY CABIN: 1280 Fergusson Drive, Brown Owl, Upper Hutt

PHONE: 0800 58 78 22

MOBILE: 027 433 3438

We require 4 weeks written notice to terminate lease. Early Termination will result in the short term rental rates advertised being implemented for the entire duration of the lease.

All commercial lease prices are plus GST.



Rates from $80.00

Delivery, Installation & Collection: $300.00
Bond: $200.00

Weekly Rate:

Minimum 3 months: $110.00

Minimum 6 months: $80.00

A Standard size cabin at 3.6m X 2.4m has been designed as an outside room to rent for extra space. Use as a bedroom or sleepout, or an office at home.

floorplan1_1 horizontal standard


Rates from $95.00

Delivery, Installation & Collection: $300.00
Bond: $200.00

Weekly Rate:

Minimum 3 months: $120.00

Minimum 6 months: $95.00

A Large Cabin at 4.2m x 2.4m is large enough for a queen bed. This outside room is an affordable option when you need a lot of extra living space.

floorplan2_1 horizontal large


Rates from $110.00

Delivery, Installation & Collection: $300.00
Bond: $200.00

Weekly Rate:

Minimum 3 months: $130.00

Minimum 6 months: $110.00

The Extra Large Cabin at 4.8m x 2.4m is a spacious outside room. Ideal as worker accommodation, a large bedroom, or office space big enough for 3 staff.

floorplan3_1 horizontal extra large

Quality Portable Cabins Available for Rent in Upper Hutt

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Single room, portable cabins are fast becoming a popular and economical option when extra rooms are required in both the residential and commercial sector. They make great sleepouts, portable offices, and provide extra storage space. Built strong and sturdy, the cabins meet all council building requirements.

The smallest cabin size is 2.4 x 3.6m and the largest is 2.4 x 4.8m. Even the smallest size cabin can accommodate a queen size bed, or 2 single beds and a dresser. Or if you require office space, there's plenty of room for 2 desks and office furniture.

The size of the cabins exempts them from planning permission or building consents. That means they can be delivered immediately. Simply plug in the power, furnish them and your cabin is ready for use. Plan your cabin today using this handy online tool, and apply to Just Cabins Upper Hutt for more information and a quote. You'll have the extra room you need in no time, and can move right in.

About Just Cabins in Upper Hutt

Philip, owner of the Upper Hutt Just Cabins franchise is very involved in the property market, so portable cabin hire fits in well with his other businesses. Philip's business interests means he is well known in Masterton, so people always pop in to see him to get a brochure, or further information about renting a cabin.

Philip says "We are always available for any questions anyone may have. We provide a high quality, clean, modern cabin which is delivered with the best service possible. Just Cabins versatility means they can be adapted to customers requirements, for use as a sleepout or temporary accommodation for visitors. They are also useful as accommodation for workers, or for extra storage."


  • Just Cabins are toasty warm, modern, insulated, carpeted and curtains are provided.
  • We are flexible with the terms of the contract
  • We allow customers to pay off the bond
  • The cabins are ones OWN SPACE, something you don't get inside a house
  • When used as sleepouts they give parents the breathing space they need and deserve

Testimonials from satisfied Just Cabins clients

"A Just Cabin was just what we needed when our daughter returned home from her O/E. It gave her her own space, and us ours. She stayed longer with the cabin than if she had been inside with us- Thank you Philip and Dianne" Sarah Furniss

"I rented a Just Cabin off Dianne and Philip while studying as it met all my needs, affordable, modern, clean, and somewhere I could call mine. Would recommend" Eyla Mattews

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