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Portable Cabins For Rent Available Now

Franchisee Details

BRANCH: North Waikato

CONTACT: Karen & Jonnie Peter

DISPLAY CABIN: 3 Main Road, Te Kauwhata

PHONE: 0800 58 78 22

MOBILE: 021 0529 333



Rates from $70.00

Delivery, Installation & Collection: $200.00
Bond: $300.00

Weekly Rate:

Minimum 6 months: $70.00

A Standard size cabin at 3.6m X 2.4m has been designed as an outside room to rent for extra space. Use as a bedroom or sleepout, or an office at home.

floorplan1_1 horizontal standard


Rates from $90.00

Delivery, Installation & Collection: $200.00
Bond: $300.00

Weekly Rate:

Minimum 6 months: $90.00

A Large Cabin at 4.2m x 2.4m is large enough for a queen bed. This outside room is an affordable option when you need a lot of extra living space.

floorplan2_1 horizontal large


Rates from $110.00

Delivery, Installation & Collection: $200.00
Bond: $300.00

Weekly Rate:

Minimum 6 months: $110.00

The Extra Large Cabin at 4.8m x 2.4m is a spacious outside room. Ideal as worker accommodation, a large bedroom, or office space big enough for 3 staff.

floorplan3_1 horizontal extra large

Portable Cabin Rental Service throughout North Waikato

When you need extra space anywhere in North Waikato, whether it be a sleepout at home, or an office in business, renting a portable cabin provides a quick and economical solution. There is no need to consider moving to a larger home or business premises, when renting our portable cabins can solve your accommodation problems. View our display cabin in Tuakau and see how practical a cabin can be.

Just Cabins are a single portable room and available in three different sizes. You can see from our floor plans the various furniture layouts in the cabins, and also arrange your existing furniture to fit into a cabin on our planner page. As well, they are all soundly constructed with strict quality standards, so you can be confident they are safe and secure to occupy. Portable cabins are also an ideal substitute for a caravan and provide extra accommodation for family and friends, when used as a sleepouts.

The cabins are built on their own trailer, so are very manoeuvrable, and can be quickly delivered to your site. They are easy to position on your property and all our cabin exteriors are in neutral colours so they fit into your surroundings. We have installed carpets, curtains and insulation to keep you warm and cosy.

Just Cabins have the cost effective answer when you require extra temporary accommodation. We offer short or long term rental terms and our North Waikato operators have cabins available for delivery at any time for your immediate use.

About Portable Cabins

A portable cabin, is generally a small, simple, one room building designed and built to be movable, rather than permanently located. Portable cabins are used in a number of ways, as sleepouts, offices or storage are most common. They may be used for long-term, temporary or permanent facilities, and are very affordable because of their factory construction. The most familiar modern type of portable cabins are designed to be impermanent, are transported to site on a trailer, and can be manoeuvred into position.