Caravan hire



Caravan Hire in NZ is becoming less & less popular, especially as warmer and more comfortable solutions become available.

Just Cabins can rent you a portable cabin that is so much warmer than a Caravan. There are numerous reasons to rent a cabin, rather than rent a caravan. Here are just some examples why you should consider our cabins as a superior option or alternative to a caravan:


Many of our clients have swapped their caravan rental for a cabin and can attest to the advantages of hiring their caravan replacement from Just Cabins:

"I absolutely love my cabin!!! I've been living in my parents caravan for the past 3 years and couldn't believe the difference. The cabin is easy to heat and stays nice and warm. Having the extra space is great. My parents also agree as there are no more big power bills." - Glen Scott

"Hi Tom, just to let you know that the cabin is beautiful and our guest has settled in well. I am so pleased that we didn't hire a caravan instead. I assure you that we will look after the cabin and it will be returned to you in the same condition as and when." - Lynne E

"We used Just cabins over the last 6 months, and have had two of them parked in my driveway...let me just say...Just Cabins filled a need that other solutions in the past had not, at a more competitive price, far better quality and with sublime service. As a family, we've really appreciated the flexibility that these cabins have given us, and the great value they represent. The cabins have given each member of the family not only the privacy, but the space that they've required also.

In the past we had tried other solutions, like renting caravans. Just Cabins has proven a far better solutions for our needs, with the right amount of flexibility of product, delivery and support. In short, Just Cabins is the competition for all other to aspire to.

I will not hesitate to call on their great services again in the future should the need arise." - Peter E Crawford - North Shore, Auckland.

As you can see from the testimonials above Just Cabins have delivered cabins to lots of customers who used to have a caravan rental. As soon as we advertise that our cabins are Warmer than a Caravan we become inundated with calls from people wanting to cancel their caravan hire & rent a cabin from us. So before you make a mistake and rent a caravan, please phone our toll free number 0800 58 78 22 (0800 JUST CABINS) and you too can "AVOID THE PITFALLS ASSOCIATED WITH CARAVAN HIRE"

  • Full head height. With ceilings over 2 metres high, there is no need for bending over inside
  • Fully insulated. With thick pink batts in the walls and ceiling as well as underfloor insulation, you will be happy you didn't hire a caravan come winter time.
  • Less condensation. Means that your cabin won't have that musty smell associated with caravans.
  • Plenty of room. With no unnecessary kitchen units & pokie showers, you will have much more space to move around and plenty of room for a double or queen bed or even a set of bunks etc. See our floor plans for more options.
  • Has a deck. So you can sit outside and enjoy a cuppa on a sunny day.
  • Modern Appearance. Our cabins are much nicer & trendier to look at. Furthermore, since our cabins are painted in trendy neutral shades, they will fit into any environment.
  • Welcoming with lots of Light. The cabins are nicer to invite guests into and the large ranch slider door presents a welcoming entry. This combined with the front & side windows also allow in lots of natural light and provides a great view.
  • Simply & Easy to order & hook up. There is no need for you to have a caravan plug, as our cabins can plug straight into the normal household 3 pin plug (that you use for your TV or toaster). However, saying that, if you already have a caravan socket, we can use that also, so either way, there is no need for you to anything, other than order your cabin today.