Offices and Sleepouts

Just Cabins Portable Offices

Just Cabins' portable cabins are a great way to get a small business up and running on a budget, or to create temporary or permanent office space. Popular with many New Zealand businesses including accountants, architects, massage therapists, childcare centres, pet groomers, solicitors and more.

Just Cabins fully portable cabins are used as sales offices, home offices, site offices and studios.

Our cabins are available in three sizes:

A portable office or additional room on your building site
or at your home can:

  • Alleviate travelling time and costs when you work from home.
  • Be fully tax deductable as part of your business overheads.
  • Provide a dedicated workspace at home.
  • Give you flexibility.
  • Create a space for teenage children.
  • Offer guest room facilities.
  • Save time and money associated with building a permanent fixture.
  • Add a creative space as an art studio.
  • Provide additional space while renovations take place.

Just Cabins Sleep Outs

For your teenagers who have come home, again or for another family member staying, Just Cabins are perfect. Quickly and easily add an extra room or two to your home with Just Cabins. With three different sizes available, Just Cabins are convenient, affordable and available for short or long-term hire.

Hiring a sleep-out from Just Cabins is easy and affordable and offers:

  • Nationwide francheses so no matter where you are, we will be near you.
  • Three different sizes to meet your increasing accommodation needs.
  • All our sleep-outs are built on wheels, which means there is no requirement for a building consent.
  • Extra accommodation without having to outlay large sums of money.
  • Delivery and pick up service. When you’re done, simply call us and we’ll tow your
    room away.
  • Installation in a matter of days.
  • Fully powered sleep-outs with electrical warrant of fitness and multiple power points, and we can suply a cable to connect the sleepout to your house; this just needs to be plugged into a normal three pin socket.
  • Extra safety features including, an internal electricity fuse board, outdoor security lights, smoke alarm and security window stays.
  • A relocation service. If you move house, we can move your sleepout to your new property.
  • Easy manouverability with all sleepouts being trailerised.
  • Fully insulated sleepouts with Pink Batts in the ceiling and walls and insultating foil under the floor.
  • Warm and dry sleepouts raised off the ground alleviating damp or mould issues.
  • Earthquake resistant buildings that withstood the test of nature in Christchurch.
  • A painted interior providing a homely feeling.
  • Quality carpet and curtains.
  • A modern, warm and homely alternative to caravan hire.
  • Outdoor living with a 1.8m wide deck.