Portable Office


Now you can have your Home Office away from home. If you want to get your business up and running quickly, or need more work space, then you've come to the right place. Lease a portable office cabin from Just Cabins and we can deliver, set up &  quickly install your portable office in a matter of days. As our cabins are on wheels you don't need a building consent, so you can be in your mobile office in no time.


Just Cabins portable offices are just perfect for your temporary and permanent office needs. Our Mobile Offices are versatile and adaptable and are being used as a home office, site office, sales office by a variety of businesses throughout New Zealand, including:

  • Accountants
  • Architects
  • Beauty / Nail Clinic
  • Childcare Centre office portable office spacious interior
  • General Practitioner Doctors consultancy
  • Guy Fawkes Fireworks sales sites
  • Graphic Design Studio
  • IT developers
  • Kindergarten Breakout 'Sanity' room
  • Landscape/ Bark supply sales office
  • Massage therapy
  • Motel Reception
  • Nationwide Tile franchise business
  • Pet grooming business
  • Resthome administration Office
  • Skydive business Sales office
  • Solicitors
  • Spring water business premises, to name but a few.

The potential uses of a Portable Office are really only limited by your imagination. Just Cabins mobile offices could also be used for:

  • Art Studio portable office cabin in use
  • Security Stations
  • Temporary Place of Worship
  • Subdivision site office
  • Practically any Small Business Premises.


The numerous benefits of working from your Just Cabins Portable Office, including:

  • Our portable offices are delivered to your place NZ wide
  • Allowing you to obtain a better work / life balance
  • Saving you hours of unproductive time every week that are spent sitting in traffic
  • Reduce your commute time, save a fortune in annual petrol. The fuel savings alone could pay for the cabin rental
  • The weekly rental cost is cheaper than a tank of gas
  • If you have your own business or are self employed, the rent is fully tax deductible
  • If you are an employee, your employer would benefit from the fact that those who work from portable offices enjoy reduced sickness and have improved productivity & output
  • Be home in time to enjoy dinner with the family
  • Have the flexibility, if necessary, to catch up on work after the kids are in bed
  • You can get your house back to being a home. I often hear of situations where the dining table has been commandeered as the workspace. This not only makes the house look untidy, but also disrupts the normal family social interaction of talking to each other at dinner time & is often replaced by dinner in front of TV
  • Furthermore, if you have confidential or sensitive information, you don't want guests around when they could see such files & documents on your dining table
  • This applies equally to using a guest or spare room as an office. As you would no doubt be reluctant to have people staying in your so called office
  • Being a mobile cabin we can move your office when required, for example when you move house.
  • Additionally, as Just Cabins is nationwide, there will be a locally owned & operated Just Cabins franchise ready & willing to help you, NZ wide
  • Obviously one of the biggest benefits of leasing a temporary office from Just Cabins, is the fact that you don't need to make a big commitment e.g. binding yourself to a 3 or 5 year commercial building lease
  • Furthermore you won't need to commit your working capital which would be much more productive growing your business i.e. purchasing stock, paying creditors and other business expenses when they fall due, and financing debtors (sales on credit).
  • With a portable office, delivered by Just Cabins to your place, you will have your own work space and once you walk out & close the door, you can shut your mind off from work and go back into your home. Whereas often with offices located within the house, the computer is frequently left on, so it is all too easy to pop back into the room when you should be switching off and giving yourself a break (e.g. before breakfast, after dinner, or on the weekend).


Our portable offices are light, spacious and secure. These are primary features of every cabin. Aesthetically appealing with neutral colours, our offices will blend in with any environment. Furthermore, with modern communications, this fully powered portable office comes with multiple power points making it easy to run your business. Moreover, as our cabins are fully insulated and carpeted you will be cosy and warm while you work. Just Cabins produce solidly built offices so you know they are safe and secure. Even during the recent Canterbury Earthquakes, our cabins withstood the test of nature, and as a result are in even more demand now.
Our portable offices are available in 3 convenient sizes for you to choose from, so you can have the space you need. Below are some of the possible floor plans you can use to set up your home office.


Standard Cabin Size


Large Cabin Size


Extra Large Cabin Size



A Labour Party plan to charge capital gains tax on businesses operating out of residential properties could affect people with a home office. If a business owner works from home, when the property is sold they will have to pay 15 per cent capital gains tax on the part of the residence used for running the firm, Labour says. (SOURCE: NZ Herald - Sunday July 31, 2011). Therefore, by renting your portable office from Just Cabins you will also avoid the potential tax liability associated with using a room in your own home for business purposes.


Many of our clients operate their businesses from our portable offices and can attest to the advantages of hiring their portable office from Just Cabins:

"Having a cabin from Just Cabins has been great. I run a home-based business, and the cabin is a good size for my home office with plenty of storage space. I had previously been working from the living room, so my wife enjoys having the living space again and I enjoy having a dedicated office." - Richard McCurran

"When I needed urgent office space to work from home your mobile cabin was just the perfect solution. Easy to site, power connected, and plenty of room with no council permits and issues to worry about the cabin was so easy to set up. Problem solved in one day and when no longer needed it was just as easy to remove. Thanks for solving an accommodation problem." - Warren Keenan