Why Just Cabins for Rent are Just Right

Just Cabins are built on wheels so the air flows freely underneath, for a drier, warmer environment.

They’re built using quality materials, are insulated, and furnished with quality carpet and curtains.

Just Cabins are very easy to transport, so delivery is fast and set up is a breeze, even on uneven terrain.

There are three sizes of cabin to rent, and each one comes with:

  • Quality carpet and curtains
  • Modern colour scheme and fittings
  • Multiple powerpoints
  • Electrical WOF
  • 1.8m wooden deck with canopy
  • Outdoor light
  • Electrical lead to plug into power
  • Lockable ranch slider and window with security latch
  • Smoke alarm
  • Some customisable features are available – talk to your local franchisee for more information

Please note: Some of the features displayed in the cabin images may not be available in your area.

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