Christchurch South

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Franchisee Details

BRANCH: Christchurch South

CONTACT: Craig & Karen Nuttall

DISPLAY CABIN: Cnr of Barbadoes Street & Tuam Street, Christchurch

DISPLAY CABIN: 287A Selwyn Street, Spreydon, Christchurch

PHONE: 0800 58 78 22

MOBILE: 027 492 9494

A legally binding lease agreement for a minimum period of 3 months must be entered into for every hire.

All commercial lease prices are plus GST.

No Bond Required.



Rates from $70.00

Delivery, Installation & Collection: $250.00
Bond: $0.00

Weekly Rate:

Minimum 3 months: $90.00

Minimum 6 months: $70.00

A Standard size cabin at 3.6m X 2.4m has been designed as an outside room to rent for extra space. Use as a bedroom or sleepout, or an office at home.

floorplan1_1 horizontal standard


Rates from $90.00

Delivery, Installation & Collection: $250.00
Bond: $0.00

Weekly Rate:

Minimum 6 months: $90.00

Minimum 3 months: $110.00

A Large Cabin at 4.2m x 2.4m is large enough for a queen bed. This outside room is an affordable option when you need a lot of extra living space.

floorplan2_1 horizontal large


Rates from $105.00

Delivery, Installation & Collection: $250.00
Bond: $0.00

Weekly Rate:

Minimum 6 months: $105.00

Minimum 3 months: $125.00

The Extra Large Cabin at 4.8m x 2.4m is a spacious outside room. Ideal as worker accommodation, a large bedroom, or office space big enough for 3 staff.

floorplan3_1 horizontal extra large

Get more living space!

Save money….move home!

Accommodation for seasonal workers

Yes, we can deliver to difficult sites

Sleepouts or Office Space from Just Cabins

Our cabins are single portable rooms so ideal as sleepouts, when you need extra room or some space of your own. Rent a cabin that is comfortable and spacious with all the features you'd want in your own home - power, security lights, smoke alarm, security stays on the window, double glazing insulation, painted interior, with carpets and curtains.

Cabins are available in three sizes, so if you need a more spacious area we can accommodate you. The smallest cabin is 2.4 x 3.6m in size and the largest cabin is 2.4 x 4.8m. Even the smallest size cabin can accommodate a queen size bed, or 2 single beds and a dresser. Or if you require office space, there's plenty of room for 2 desks and office furniture.

We've built our cabins to strict quality standards, so no maintenance is required. They have their own trailer, so they are easy to deliver. Being trailerised gives better manoeuvrability, enabling us to site them exactly where you want. And as the cabins are on a raised floor there are no problems with dampness.

They are ready for occupancy as soon as they are delivered. So if you need to get your teenager out of the house, or want extra room for an office or storage, renting a portable cabin from Just Cabins in Christchurch South can be the perfect answer.

Use this handy online tool to play the layout of your cabin from Just Cabins now! 

About Just Cabins in Christchurch South

Craig and Karen, owners of the Christchurch South Just Cabins Rental Service are Christchurch born and bred, so have a great knowledge of the city and its residents. We have worked in the area for 20 years while being involved in many businesses, and providing excellent customer service is important to us. We became interested in the portable cabins rental service through our association with other franchisees in the Just Cabins group. They impressed us with their high standards, great support, and sharing of ideas, hence our decision to become part of the business.

About South Christchurch

Christchurch South is mainly urban area composed of both industrial and suburban areas with some rural. It incorporates Addington, Sydenham, Halswell, Hornby, Sockburn, Cashmere, Sumner and Lyttelton.

Sumner is a seaside suburb of Christchurch, and one of the more desirable areas to live. Norfolk Pines line the beach road packed with cafes and restaurants, and is bustling with visitors during the summer months.

Cashmere is another highly desired suburb, sprawling into the Cashmere Hills above Christchurch. Other suburbs include Addington, just south of the central Hagley Park, and home to the Addington Raceway

Outlying areas that are a short distance from South Chrischurch include Lyttelton, an historic port town located on a beautiful scenic harbour. The drive to Lyttelton takes you through the Lyttelton Road Tunnel or over the Port Hills. Unfortunately many of the beautiful old buildings that created much of the character of the town have been destroyed in the Christchurch earthquakes, but still remains a vibrant tourism centre. The port is still the centre of import and export business for the South Island.

Lincoln is also located just south of Christchurch and is a small agricultural town, most known for the Linclon University.