Richard Johnston and Mena Antonio have been the Lower Hutt Just Cabins team since October 2018.
They love working for a company that allows them to adapt their work to their life stage and lifestyle needs, and although they work in one part of the country, they feel ever-connected to the franchisees nationwide. Closer to home, they have established a close-knit team who they work with to service, clean and deliver the rental cabins for fast, efficient service.
The couple enjoy hiking, travelling, yoga and live theatre in their spare time, and are also avid fans of Game of Thrones!
Just Cabins Lower Hutt prides itself on its industry experience and are committed to delivering an efficient, effective and professional cabin hire service.
Our friendly team will guide you through the process of finding a rental cabin that suits your needs and desired space, deliver it to your property, and set it up safely and securely.
Competitively priced, Just Cabins offer great value for a cabin of this quality and design functionality, making our portable cabins an affordable solution to your space requirements.
Our rental cabins are transportable, portable and relocatable and can be delivered anywhere in the Upper Hutt area. Rent a cabin today as an office, spare room or sleepout.
Talk to our local cabin rental team to find out how we can help.

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