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Make Room for the Whole Family with a Rental Cabin

Author: Grant Allen
Date Published: 13/04/2021

Do you have grandchildren who stay over during the school holidays or siblings that come to town every few months? Whatever your family situation is, hiring a rental cabin is the perfect way to keep the family together during visits. Here’s some of the many ways a Just Cabins rental is ideal.

Granny flat

Does your family have grandparents who like to stay over for extended holidays? It’s nice to have the whole family under one roof, but it can start to get a little crowded after a few days. A portable cabin is the perfect alternative. Instead of kicking anyone out of their bedroom, the grannies can have their own separate space on the same property.

Kid’s sleepout

Children love nothing more than getting to sleep somewhere novel. If you’ve got a lot of family visiting, why not get the children excited about a big cousins’ sleepover in the rental cabin, while all the adults get to enjoy the comforts of the bedrooms. It’s a great way of extending the family fun, increasing comfort and avoiding an overcrowded house.

Close, but not too close

Sometimes, when families move back in under the same roof, they can revert to old habits. Suddenly, siblings are bickering like children and parents and their adult children are fighting over the remote. By offering visiting family members a rental cabin, you are still hosting and providing for them, but you’re also creating enough space to not be at each other’s throats.

Independent young adults

A rental cabin is a great option for a young adult who has come back home for uni holidays, a gap year, or to live while saving up for a house. Hire a transportable cabin will give young adults the independence they crave while still being an economic option for temporary accommodation.

Extra space

If you have managed to squeeze all your visiting family members into the home’s bedrooms, you might find there’s less room for everyday use. Even if you’re not using it as a bedroom, a portable cabin can work as a space to keep everyone’s luggage, a playroom for the kids or an extra lounge.

Need some extra space for your visiting family members? Talk to Just Cabins and we’ll sort you out with the perfect cabin rental.